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The Full Story

How Did I Get Here?

Working in the diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging space over the past seven years, came from a pivotal turning point in my life. One that etched an indescribable lived experience beyond words, that it became the catalyst of becoming a purpose-led advocate and advisor for evoking systemic change in increasing diverse ethnic representation in the workplace.

European Parliament
European Parliament

Being a Black Woman in the Brussels Bubble

Whilst working as a successful black professional in Brussels in 2018, I experienced racism, imposter syndrome and microaggressions within the workplace, the institutions and the police force. My career goals were not nurtured and I was a token hire. Although I  resigned, I left a mark by building out the first DEIB strategy and programme for the office that led to an international structure being formalised for the company.

Climbing the U.K. Seniority Ladder

Returning to the U.K.,  in 2021 I faced multiple rejections for senior leadership roles. One hiring manager told me I was the best for a role but my potential co-workers did not want to work with a black woman on the same level as them. No accountability was present within these processes which led me to learn about the executive recruitment process to understand the barriers I faced.

Office Meeting
Office Meeting

Increasing Representation in the Workplace

Through advising many leaders over the years across the challenges they face, launching N.F. Advisory has reinforced the importance of safe space counsel. Today, the complex truths senior leaders and management teams share when confiding in the challenges they have in increasing ethnic representation in the workplace are the very same catalysts that have made the changes needed for diverse talent to thrive within their organisations.  

Purpose & Approach  

My lived experience provides organisations with first-hand insights into what diverse talent face in the workplace. This 360 approach provides real-time expertise, accountability and guidance to a company's leadership and management teams, executives and C-Suite. Through unbiased external counsel, safe space mentorship and strategic collaboration, my style and approach are to ignite cultural and psychological systemic change to increase diverse and equitable representation in the workplace. By working with the decision-makers, this form of engagement provides organisations with an opportunity to partner with an advisor who can provide a data-led review at a personal, interpersonal, organisational and cultural level creating equitable solutions that support the employee and employers' journey of sustainably creating a workplace environment that can create, develop and nurture underrepresented talent. 



Accountability Partner


Strategic Equitable Innovation 


External Unbiased Counsel 


Leadership Safe Space Advisory


Data-led Sustainable Solutions

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